What platforms does my Zeega work on? 

Zeegas work across all platforms, from iOS to Android to Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari. A Zeega can play inside Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other apps. 

How do I add media to Zeega? 

To start, you have tons of great media immediately available. We curate our favorites from across the web, and you can search across Tumblr, SoundCloud, Flickr and Giphy.

You can also upload your own photos by clicking “Upload.” And you also add any image you find by copy/pasting the URL into the field under “Upload.” 

How does Zeega cite media I use? 

We automatically generate citations for the media you use in your Zeega, abiding by the proper terms of service of media providers like Giphy, SoundCloud, Flickr and Tumblr. When Zeegas are played, they are always livestreaming media from these sources (none of the media is ever copied). You’ll notice in the bottom-right of every Zeega that you watch, there are icons. When you click on these, they take you back to the original source.

How do I share my Zeega? 

To get your Zeega out into the world, simply click “Share” in the upper-right and you’ll get options for sharing directly via Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook. You can also email a link to your Zeega or embed the Zeega on any page w/ our simple embed widget. To see an embedded Zeega in action, check out Lizzy Acker’s Daft Punk dance, dance, dance on embedded on KQED’s Pop. 

You’re always free to further edit your Zeega as necessary. Simply press the “Share” button anytime you’d like to make your changes live.

Something’s not working. What should I do?

First, try these steps:

1) Refresh your browser (command R).
2) If that doesn’t work, clear your cache (command/shift/delete or “Clear Browsing Data” from the Chrome menu).

If things are still acting up, worry not! We’re always here to help. Email Ahmed, our community manager (ahmed@zeega.com).

What new features do you have planned?

There’s lots of upcoming goodness:

  • Ability to follow your favorite Zeega creators 
  • Native iOS app that lets you easily create Zeegas in the moment.
  • Remix button that lets you create your own version of any Zeega. 

Why don’t you support YouTube?

The core of Zeega is developing a new form of interactive media that matches this moment in time when mobile and tablet devices are becoming the primary mode of media consumption globally. For this reason, it’s critical that Zeegas play well on all devices and within all apps (e.g. a Zeega linked within Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr has to work beautifully). This context creates constraints. For example, it’s not possible to have a YouTube video auto-play. It has to be clicked to play and then takes over the whole screen (and the audio replaces the existing audio track in the Zeega). These are constraints of the technology of our time — not constraints made by Zeega.

We tested incorporating YouTube with this click-to-play experience, but our users kept being frustrated. Everyone wanted to have their video auto-play and to resize it just like GIFs! Because we could not support these essential features to making the videos work well in the ways that matched the Zeega experience, we disabled YouTube support. Over and over, we saw Zeegas with big play buttons that took users out of the immersive experience of the Zeega. 

Down the line, as technology evolves, we could imagine re-incorporating YouTube. But for now, we want to focus on the awesome experiences that are possibleIf you would like to use clips from a YouTube video in your Zeega, we’d suggest converting clips into GIFs and uploading them to Zeega. This is a great, free site for doing just that. 

Where does the name Zeega come from?

Zeega is an intentional misspelling of Dziga Vertov, a filmmaker best known for Man With A Movie Camera (1929) and one of our favorite media artists. Born Denis Kaufman, Vertov chose to rename himself “dziga” because the word means spinning top in Russian and also makes the sound of a turning camera. Vertov was working at time when film and radio were just emerging as art forms in the Soviet Union. He had an incredible desire to experiment with media at a point in time that is in many ways similar to our own. We’ve experienced a sea change in the ways in which we produce, consume, and share media. Our spirit animal, Dziga Vertov, guides us through these wild and inspiring times!


Play with opacity and sizing to make crazy collages.

The collage is a great way to make interactive music experiences in Zeega. Opacity and sizing are the keys to collage glory. Check out an example from FM Bandit, Zeega’s current collage master.